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Not all mortgage brokers are created equal. Our holistic approach to lending, accounting and financial planning means we bridge the gap in the client experience, eliminating the frustration from delays that are often inevitable with multiple stakeholders involved in the lending process.

Our mortgage brokers offer the advantage of having of an accounting and financial planning background, meaning we’re looking at your figures with a strategic mind. We will ask you more questions and we’ll go deeper in our process.

Why? So that you end up with a loan that offers longevity. A loan that suits your lifestyle and your budget. A loan that minimises the need to refinance again in a short time frame - avoiding a stressful and often costly exercise on both your time and money.

We are proud of our Smart Mortgage & Lending culture that thrives on continued learning to keep at the forefront of current developments in financial planning, tax law, business development, superannuation, software technology and other professional services through our weekly training sessions.

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What our
clients say

As a first home buyer in unfamiliar territory, I came up against several brick walls. I had initially engaged another broker that made borrowing promises that, eventually, just couldn’t be delivered. With only two days to go until the property deal fell over, I was stressed and anxious. I was referred to Smart Mortgage & Lending by my boss. They helped me secure the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme saving me over $5K in lenders mortgage insurance plus a further $15K in stamp duty. I couldn’t believe how they were able to turn my situation around. Their incredible support and relationships were the key to pulling it all together, enabling me to purchase my first home.

Kayla, VIC
First Home Buyer