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The Smart Mortgage & Lending team are dedicated to delivering more. We understand that engaging a mortgage broker means that you are embarking on an investment journey that requires a professional financial partner that you can trust.

That's why we are actively involved in pulling together learning resources to better equip you with the information you need to make stronger decisions.
We believe the smarter we make our clients, the more connected they become to their finances. Our smartest, most informed clients are the ones whose financial portfolios are performing best.

We're big advocates on sharing our knowledge, so you don't have to be a client of Smart Mortgage & Lending to get the benefits of our knowledge. We deliver high quality, in depth webinars, quick explainer videos and downloadable resources designed to provide you with a clearer understanding of all the components within the financial planning process. 

Training videos & webinars by category.

Qualifying For A Car Loan As A Casual Worker

One of the main considerations when applying for a car loan as a casual worker is your income.

Median house prices to hit $1.34 million

Property prices could be about to climb higher with new analysis predicting the major capital cities will see significant growth in the next three years.

Property prices reach another record high

Property prices have hit yet another record, with capital city house prices rising by 1 percent.

Strategies To Generate Equity Faster

Creating equity isn’t always about spending time in the market. You can also manufacture equity if you buy well and implement some proven strategies.

How to quickly improve your credit score

Your credit score is a track record of how you manage debts.

What happens to your property after a breakup?

Before getting into the specifics of property division, it's important to understand the concept of legal ownership.