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How we can help property investors.

For over a decade, Australian real estate has demonstrated remarkable returns, making it a viable option for a long-term investment plan. However, as with all methods of creating wealth, achieving success in property investment necessitates smart and strategic planning, market analysis, and financing.

A few areas that a property investor must consider before taking the deep dive into purchasing:

Establish a clear plan of action.
Crafting a well-defined strategy that outlines your investment objectives is essential to guide your approach towards property investment. For instance, if your goal is to generate a steady income stream with high rental returns, you'll need to concentrate on particular segments of the property market. On the other hand, if you prioritize robust capital growth, you must focus on the areas that hold the most potential for price appreciation in the future, instead of just those that have witnessed significant price increases in the past. Furthermore, you should also factor in your preference for buying either a new or a well-established property.

Define where to buy and how much to spend.
A seasoned property investor may have a clear action plan in place. For those new in the investment property market, you may also consider speaking with a financial advisor to help clearly define your overall financial goals, strategy, and budget for investing and beyond. Many property investors use their SMSF as their vehicle for property investment. Our mortgage broker team are award-winning SMSF experts with an extensive SMSF lending panel, so you can be assured you’re working with a team who understand the complexities in SMSF lending. Find out more about SMSF lending here.

Get clarity from a mortgage broker.
Your Mortgage Broker should be among the first professionals you consult when venturing into property investment. Knowing your borrowing capacity will enable you to enter the property investment market with clarity. In collaboration directly with our accounting and financial planning team, our strategic mortgage brokers will assist you whether you’re looking into loans for property or businesses, investment loans or SMSF loans.

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