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Why you need to plan ahead to get a home loan?

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Why you need to plan ahead to get a home loan?

Throughout our lives we all experience changes, including switching jobs, starting families, and buying things like new cars.

However, when we make big life decisions, most people don’t think about the impact that could have on their ability to get a home loan or refinance.

A recent survey found that 75 per cent of borrowers could find themselves unable to refinance because of life decisions that they were preparing to make. That’s why you need to plan ahead to avoid any negative financial implications from changes to your personal situation.

Did you know?

With our in-house mortgage broking division we bridge the gap between the countless phone calls and emails between lender and accountant making your refinancing and borrowing much less stressful.


Need financing? 

It is worth speaking to a mortgage broker ahead of time if you want to get a
home loan in the future and also change jobs.



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